New Extended & Private Airboat Tours at Wooten’s

Wooten’s Everglades Airboat Tours is offering two new kinds of airboat tours. The new tours use smaller boats, seat fewer passengers, last longer, and visit more areas, giving guests more ways to explore Everglades flora and fauna with their friends and family.

The new Extended Small Airboat Tour takes guests through narrower mangrove forests that larger airboats can’t reach, but is still big enough to keep most parties together. It seats 8-12 guests instead of 15-20, and lasts 50 minutes instead of 30.

The new Extended Combo adds a Swamp Buggy Tour to the Extended Small Airboat Tour for a view of grasslands and a cypress swamp. In these environments guests sometimes spot wild animals like black bear, deer, and manatees.

The new Private Airboat Tour also uses a smaller airboat and lasts 50 minutes, but allows guests to reserve the entire airboat for their party, ensuring no other passengers will share the ride.

And the new Private Combo adds a Swamp Buggy Tour, which is shared with other passengers, to the Private Airboat Tour.

All tours and combos at Wooten’s, including these four new ones, include free admission to Wooten’s Animal Sanctuary & Alligator Park which cares for rescued animals that can no longer survive in the wild, such as tigers, lions, and otters. The alligator park is home to 100 alligators and crocodiles, and features a covered gathering place for an hourly live alligator show by a professional handler. After the show guests can take pictures of themselves holding a baby alligator.

For over six decades, Wooten’s has been a unique destination for Everglades airboat tours and family fun. Because the company operates on 259 acres of private land instead of within city limits, guests see more variety, at a lower cost, with less traffic.

Now, with new Extended Small Airboat Tour and Private Airboat Tour joining the original Grassland Airboat Tour, Swamp Buggy Tour, and Animal Sanctuary, there’s a one-stop Everglades experience for every group and budget.