Charlie the Alligator

New Alligator Show & Hut


We’re excited to unveil our brand-new alligator show! Since the show is the most popular attraction along with our airboat tours, we upgraded it this summer so our guests could enjoy it even more. Here’s what’s new:

New Native Thatched Hut


We asked Native Americans from the local Miccosukee tribe to help us build a hut using traditional materials. The 60-by-30-foot thatched roof provides shade for our guests, and it looks great, too! Under the roof our alligators can splash in plenty of water to keep them comfortable during shows.

More Entertaining Show


After listening to feedback from our visitors, we enhanced our hourly alligator show to make it more entertaining. The educational show packs a lot of fun into 20 minutes, including new photo opportunities when we feed our alligators an occasional snack. After the show you can hug Casper and Wendy, cute brother and sister alligators who love photos!

Charlie the AlligatorWe Care about Our Animals

Our professional alligator handlers have more than 15 years of experience caring for these magnificent creatures. They’re conscious of the unique needs of alligators like Charlie, who has grown enormous during his 20 years in our Animal Sanctuary.