Daruba, White Tiger

Meet Daruba, Wooten’s White Tiger

Daruba, White TigerA new resident has moved into the Animal Sanctuary at Wooten’s!

Daruba is an 8-foot long, 600-pound white tiger. He joins Daisy, a Siberian tiger who has lived at Wooten’s for many years. The two are getting along well.

Daruba has lived in captivity his whole life. When his owner became ill and could no longer care for him, we were able to offer him a new home and excellent care at Wooten’s. Daruba, like all our animals, now gets regular USDA and veterinary visits to make sure he’s happy and healthy.

We’re also pleased to announce two other improvements to our Animal Sanctuary. When we acquired Wooten’s last year, we made it a priority to upgrade the small enclosures some of our larger animals were living in. We’ve been working with the Naples Zoo to design and build a new lion enclosure large enough for two lions. Moving the lions to this new enclosure will also allow us to enlarge the Florida panther enclosure, giving more room to our beloved big cats.