Lola the Lioness

Lola, Meet Zimba: New Pair, New Home


Over the past year we’ve spent time designing, building, and getting a new enclosure approved for Lola, our resident lioness at Wooten’s. We care a great deal for Lola, so we wanted to build her a nice home with plenty of space for comfort and play.

We’re pleased to announce that Lola is now enjoying her new home!

That’s not all that’s new for Lola. We also wanted to find her a male companion, so we were happy to discover Zimba, a lion raised in captivity near Orlando. Since Zimba’s owner could no longer care for him, we decided to move Zimba to Wooten’s. It was a perfect opportunity for us to provide Zimba a new home and Lola some company.

This week we transferred Zimba to Wooten’s, where he and Lola are now getting to know each other in their new, spacious home.

The pair even received a housewarming gift from a generous visitor. Linda Turmail, after visiting Wooten’s and enjoying our Animal Sanctuary, contacted us and asked if she could buy and donate special toys made for big cats by We’re very thankful for her kind gift to our lions!

We’d like to thank some of the people who make it possible for us to care for our rescued animals: the team at Wooten’s that looks after them each day, the veterinary specialists who give them excellent care, experts at neighboring zoos like the Naples Zoo who helped us design the new enclosure, guests like Linda, and all of you who tell us how much you enjoy what we do at Wooten’s.

Thank you!