it was fast and fun!
Larry, florida

we came here 14 years ago and it was so exiting forget orlando this place is fantastic we hope to return soon.
linda wyville, worksop england

Great place!! Wanted to see a Florida panther and it was awesome to see one full grown and a baby. The tigers are huge, and beautiful. You can tell these animals are well cared for, all the cages were clean. The staff was nice and plenty of alligators and crocidiles to see. We got to hold a baby alligator and watch them being fed.
Maria Padron, Chicago,IL

Great fun had by the whole family from RI!!! Knowledge and caring could be seen on the faces of the staff and especially how the animals were cared for!!! Gator John really made our family's experience a 'once in a lifetime' adventure....and his daughter is following right in her dads footsteps!!! Great job keeping it real.... We would DEFINITELY recommend Wootens to everyone!!!!!
Kacy M, -RI