Hand Feeding Giant Alligators Daily Here At Wooten’s…

Wooten’s Animal Sanctuary is home to not only some of the largest Alligators in captivity, but crocodiles, panthers, natives snakes, turtles, panther, deer. Also, some not so native like our Siberian tigers Boris & Daisy.

Other native wildlife can be seen in the wild such as the American Bald Eagle.  C’mon, take a walk on the wild side and stroll through this almost 2-acre facility and get an up close and personal  look at some of  The Florida Everglades most  beautiful residents.

Be sure to stop by and says hello to Charlie, at the alligator show, our experienced handlers will show, and educate to you the basics of these fascinating, misunderstood, creatures.

You can also have your picture taking with Charlies’ little brothers, Fred & Dino. And don’t forget, you get to hold a baby Alligator while you’re here at Wooten’s Animal Sanctuary

*Our Animal SancWootens Animal Sanctuarytuary is made up of several species of animals and each one has its own story. We run a private facility and do not receive any donations or funds from government entities. We are family owned and operated.